Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure and Green Roofs

We provide practical and innovative services on Green Infrastructure including auditing and specifying green roofs

The Ecology Consultancy works with a variety of clients including developers, planners, Local Authorities, Business Improvement Districts and other consortia, engineers and architects, to provide practical and innovative enhancements and robust Green Infrastructure (GI).

GI is about creating high-quality green spaces where people will want to live and work. GI includes green roofs, walls and SuDS features such as rain gardens. GI can also provide ecosystem services, for example, attenuating storm water run-off and reducing pollutants. We believe GI should be an integral part of planning and development alongside more traditional ‘grey’ infrastructure such as road, rail and utilities. The concepts of ecosystem services and green infrastructure are now recognised as important planning tools.

What is required?

Green Infrastructure audits cover all green space from parks, open spaces and playing fields, to woodlands, allotments and even private gardens. Assessments are also made of the viability to green flat roofs and walls. Although most relevant to urban regeneration, ideally GI should be part of a multi-functional network that also connects to rural green-space.

What we do

Our team of ecologists deliver Green Infrastructure services including:

  • GI audits of urban areas including the use of aerial photography and site plans
  • Providing Preliminary Ecological Appraisal and follow up surveys
  • Accurate mapping of all features using GIS platform if required
  • Designing for and advising on the most appropriate GI features for biodiversity
  • Advising at the master-planning stage for larger sites
  • Providing detailed green roof and green wall designs to enhance development

Green Infrastructure audit – to book a GI audit, please call our nearest office or email

Green roofs can play a significant role in reducing the environmental impacts of both new construction projects and refurbishment.

The Ecology Consultancy is a partner with the Green Infrastructure Consultancy (formerly Green Roofs Consultancy (GRC)). Working with the GIC, we are able to provide the best advice on the design and development of biodiverse green roofs, of any size, as well as living walls, and the integration of wildlife features into the built environment.

Our comprehensive range of services for green roofs includes:

  • Conceptual and detailed green roof and living wall designs
  • Green roof statements
  • Green roof and living wall systems that meets complex ecological considerations in the UK
  • Planning advice
  • Biodiversity and habitat assessments
  • Green roof validation

To find out more about our green roofs, contact our nearest office or email


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