Phase 1 habitat survey, preliminary ecological appraisal

Phase 2 Vegetation Surveys: National Vegetation Classification (NVC)

Phase 2 Vegetation Surveys use as standard the National Vegetation Classification (NVC) system of the UK. It is now accepted as a core standard, not only by statutory nature conservation and countryside organisations, but also by forestry, agriculture and water agencies, local authorities, non-governmental organisations, major industries and universities.

At The Ecology Consultancy we use the NVC to identify and accurately map different communities of vegetation so that their importance and relative distribution can be better understood. The NVC tends to be used more often on larger development projects that require a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) or in periodic assessments of the quality of designated sites of importance.

The NVC in itself is not a monitoring tool, but it can be used to help inform protocols for monitoring programmes and to develop a basis for understanding the purpose and practice of monitoring vegetation assemblages.

The predictive capacity of the NVC means that it can serve as a basis for developing management options for sites or landscapes, and as a framework for restoration and design guidelines.

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