Our in-house arb consultants offer bespoke arboricultural consultant services

Arboricultural Consultant Services

If you have trees on your site The Ecology Consultancy can survey them and make proposals for conserving, protecting or replacing them, to the satisfaction of planning authorities.

Our Arboricultural Consultants provide a wide range of arboricultural services and work closely with our ecologists to develop bespoke strategies for individual developments. We make practical recommendations, on the management of trees and habitats, to optimise opportunities for wildlife such as bats, birds and insects.

This important relationship can streamline the survey and will highlight protected species constraints and mitigation at an early stage, ensuring that tree work does not fall foul of wildlife legislation.

Whatever your tree-related question, our expert arboricultural consultants will usually begin with a tree survey, using British Standard 5837:2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction – recommendations.

The Ecology Consultancy is part of the Temple Group Management, providing comprehensive ecological, sustainability, planning and arboricultural services throughout the UK. The majority of the arboricultural consultancy services are delivered through our sister company Arbeco.

Arboricultural Services

Our arboricultural consultants use the above survey techniques to inform Tree Reports that outline the likely impacts of your proposal on existing trees, and describe the measures that will be introduced to protect those trees to be retained.

We also offer Arboricultural Impact Assessments which detail how factors on your site and your development proposals will affect any retained trees.

An important component of the assessment process is to form a site specific understanding of the potential problems which might arise, and formulate mitigation measures to overcome them.

Tree Protection Plans can aid the feasibility of a scheme by setting out how individual tree protection elements can be incorporated and implemented across the site.

By clearly detailing the extent to which existing trees might restrict potential development, a Tree Constraint Plan maximises site potential by enabling correct decisions to be made at a project’s design phase.

Arboricultural Method Statements help you see how arboricultural works specific to your site and project will be carried out.

Site monitoring/watching brief: we also provide inspection and supervision of sites and co-ordinate with Local Planning Authorities to ensure that tree, landscape and wildlife conditions are being fully complied with.

Tree Planting Plans: our team of arboricultural consultants and ecologists can provide site specific recommendations for planting that maximise BREEAM/Code for Sustainable Homes (CfSH) credits, providing benefit for biodiversity.

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