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Habitat and Vegetation Surveys

If you require habitat or vegetation surveys for your development project The Ecology Consultancy has all the expertise you need

The Ecology Consultancy believes strongly that accurate and timely habitat and vegetation surveys are the foundation of sound ecological work.

Phase 1 Habitat Surveys and Preliminary Environmental Assessments are the most common ecological surveys conducted by our teams. They identify habitats on site and give an indication of the suitability of those habitats to support any protected species.

The Ecology Consultancy offers the full range of habitat and vegetation surveys including:

  • Phase 1 habitat surveys
  • Hedgerow surveys
  • National Vegetation Classification (NVC) surveys
  • River Corridor and River Habitat surveys
  • Invasive plant surveys including Himalayan balsam, Japanese knotweed, giant hogweed, New Zealand pigmy weed and parrot’s feather
  • Aquatic macrophyte surveys
  • Lower plant surveys, including bryophytes, lichens and freshwater algae

These surveys provide valuable information to support planning applications. They can identify potential habitats for protected species, and any constraints that might impact on a project – all of which can help avoid costly delays later.

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