Green Roof London

Improving the biodiversity of a green roof, City of London

Client: Capita Symonds, Eversheds LLP

Objective: Improving the biodiversity of a large green roof

Considered the largest green roof in the City of London, measuring 1,500m2, at 1 Wood Street, and owned by Eversheds LLP, the site was in need of biodiversity improvements.

The Green Roof Consultancy, a joint venture of the Ecology Consultancy, Dusty Gedge and Gary Grant, was brought in to modify and manage a renewed green roof, along with new features to significantly increase the biodiversity of the surrounding area.

Green roofs provide many benefits in built-up areas such as reducing the ‘urban heat island’ effect, absorbing pollutants and dust, stemming storm-water run-off, and enhancing the environment for people and wildlife.

The design included a number of features to increase opportunities for invertebrate biodiversity, including a varied substrate suitable for a large range of wild plants, including kidney vetch, salad burnet, wild mignonette and common rockrose. Logs and log-piles were also placed on the roof to attract invertebrates, including a rare bee, and bird boxes were erected nearby. The roof will eventually become a feeding station for a range of bird species, including, it is hoped, the black redstart.

Management recommendations included grass removal and diligent weeding to remove aggressive species, which can dominate the newly seeded and planted areas, during the first years of establishment.

Our guidance was supported by Natural England and Buglife. The Green Roof Consultancy includes internationally renowned experts in the field.

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