Arbeco (Our Sister Company)

Arbeco Ecology, tree and habitat servicesArbeco is an arboricultural, tree and practical habitat management consultancy providing a range of arboricultural consultancy services, practical tree services and services in relation to the practical side of wildlife and habitat mitigation.

Arbeco provide a full range of services for managing trees for development including a dedicated team providing arboricultural consultancy services such as tree surveys, advice and assessments in addition to a practical tree services team providing tree management works, including tree surgery and tree care for commercial and domestic clients.

Arbeco’s habitat services arm provides practical solutions to compensate for the loss of habitat caused by development and construction, including habitat creation, habitat restoration, and environmental mitigation work.

Their tailored services are designed to fit the requirements of each of their client’s development, offering an often-unique solution to a client’s project rather than a one-size-fits all approach. They are committed to providing the industry with cost-effective solutions whilst ensuring positive outcomes for their clients and their stakeholders.

The Arbeco team are professionally (CIEEM, Arboricultural Association) and academically qualified and can offer a combination of experience and expertise in helping clients from a wide range of sectors to deliver their developments projects, whatever the size. They have successfully resolved arboricultural and ecological constraints for renewables, utilities, major infrastructure, waste, residential and commercial development, rural sectors and numerous other small and large-scale developments.

Arbeco’s expert Consultants perform tree surveys and consultancy in compliance with British Standard BS5837.

Arbeco are specialists in the care of trees and can provide tree surgery and specialist tree work on a scale to meet the requirements of both domestic works and major land-owning organisations. The tree team also offer domestic garden clearance and maintenance care, including shrub-pruning and hedge-trimming. We offer tree stump removal using environmentally friendly techniques to dispose of stumps and roots, in addition to traditional stump grinding methods.

Arbeco have a team of experienced and qualified staff that can provide tree climbing surveys for bats which can be a very cost-effective way to assess a tree’s potential to support bats, at any time of year.

For more information about Arbeco, you can visit the Arbeco website here, or get in touch via email at You can also contact your nearest office by phone

Sussex: +44 (0)1273 91118

London: +44 (0)20 7046 7184

Devon: +44 (0)1822 855196

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