Making Connections for People and Wildlife

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Over the last two years The Ecology Consultancy has been working with Local Planning Authorities and landscape architects to undertake Green Infrastructure (GI) assessments in addition to our standard Preliminary Ecological Assessments.

Our work in Adur formed part of the evidence base for the emerging new Local Plan – Landscape and Ecology Study. The project is an example of how design teams can work together to develop sustainable layouts for housing and mixed use development.

The Adur study was led by landscape architects Sheils Flynn, who worked closely with The Ecology Consultancy to develop an integrated approach. The following features were considered during the GI appraisal:

Core Areas that are defined as zones within the site with either high quality habitat, a diversity of habitats, potential to support a diversity of species groups and/or protected species.

Water bodies and the local hydrological catchment.

Existing green and blue corridors including hedgerows, lines of scattered trees/scrub, woodland belts, road verges, running water and associated riparian habitat etc.

Public Rights of Way, including footpaths, cycle routes and bridleways.

This information was used to produce Opportunities and Constraints Maps showing priorities for the conservation and enhancement of on-site landscape and ecological features and wider ecological networks and to assist in forming indicative GI and development principles for the site.

A similar approach was taken for work in Wealden where we assessed 480ha of land across a range of landscape types – Ecological Assessment of the Strategic Sites Development Plan Document

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