Kevin Joyce


Kevin Joyce BSc (Hons) has four years’ experience within the ecology sector. Kevin has gained experience in Phase 1 habitat assessments, bat and dormouse surveys, surveys and mitigation for great crested newts and reptiles, badger surveys, monitoring and sett closure. He possesses a Level 1 Class License for great crested newts, excellent birding skills and is a competent FISC Level 3 botanist.

Kevin is keen to progress and seeks further knowledge of project management and bat ecology, and is also keen to fine tune his botany skills. Work in 2018 with local bat worker volunteers on the Nathusius’ Project has seen him gain experience in harp trapping and further handling skills on his way to achieving a Level 2 Class License for bats.

Previous career paths in social enterprise, retail, catering and four years as a jobbing builder has seen Kevin develop a multitude of social and managerial skills, and a commitment to customer service.

Kevin is also the PASE representative and Mental Health First Aid champion for the Norwich office.

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