How To Effectively Deliver BREEAM Ecology – The Ecology Consultancy Training Course

Date: August 10, 2016
Time: 9:30 am  to  5:00 pm

Course Description

A one day course providing an introduction to the ecology chapter of BREEAM New Construction (2014). Each of the five parts of BREEAM Ecology will be reviewed and discussed with the aid of workshop style teaching. Multiple project examples of varying size and complexity will be used to demonstrate the different approaches needed. Participants will be actively encouraged to discuss their own project examples. Information on report writing, mapping, common mistakes, ‘tips of the trade’ and working with Design Teams will also be included. The need to deliver net-gains for biodiversity in a pragmatic way and on a ‘site-by-site basis’ is a theme throughout.  

Why Choose This Course?

  • Run by ecologists for ecologists
  • Intensive one day course with clear signposting to further sources of information
  • Workshop style teaching, shared experience of BREEAM by attendees actively encouraged
  • TEC has extensive experience in carrying out BREEAM and other building environmental assessment tools and advises BRE as part of their Ecology Task Group
  • Real-life case studies from a wide range of projects
  • Lunch and refreshments provided

What Does This Course Cover:

  • Introduction to BREEAM as a wider sustainability tool / its history and development
  • How to collect the information needed to carry out a BREEAM / What qualifications do you need to carry out BREEAM Ecology
  • LE01 – Site Selection including how to address invasive plant species
  • LE02 – Ecological Value of Site and Protection of Ecological Features
  • LE03 – Minimising Impact on Existing Site Ecology, including pre/post-construction mapping and habitat calculations
  • LE04 – Enhancing Site Ecology, including understanding the scheme’s layout / design options.
  • LE05 – Long-term Impact on Site Ecology, including writing an outline management plan following BS42020
  • More complex situation, including multiple protected species issues, phased development, applying different BREEAM assessments and/or Code/Home Quality Mark to the same scheme, cross compliance with other BREEAM chapters
  • The different ways of writing up BREEAM Ecology assessments
  • How to quote for all elements of a BREEAM, including Design Team Meetings and Post Construction Review

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will understand the five parts (LE01-LE05) of BREEAM Ecology and the different requirements of each
  • Outline options for enhancing the site’s biodiversity value
  • How to maximise BREEAM credits whilst remaining ecologically robust and viable within a scheme’s design and budget
  • How to work with Design Team members / Assessor to ensure effective delivery
  • Understand the different approaches to writing / structuring a report
  • How to construct an outline management plan following BS42020

Who is it for?

The course is designed for consultant ecologists who want to develop their understanding and application of BREEAM Ecology, but also of value to others in the environmental/sustainability sector such as BREEAM Assessors, architects/landscape architects carrying out BREEAM, public sector ecologists, planners and graduates.

LEVEL: Beginner. It is not essential that you have carried out BREEAM before. However having a few under your belt either individually or in combination with others is desirable. It is essential that you have carried out the pre-course reading.


Ben Kimpton Dip(Hort) BSc MSc MCIEEM – Principal Ecologist, The Ecology Consultancy

Ben has received ‘Train the Trainer’ training from CIEEM and is delivering two CIEEM courses in 2016; Preliminary Ecological Appraisal – An Applied Approach and Urban Green Infrastructure – A Practical Approach for Ecologists. He has over 10 years’ consultancy experience and is trained in botany and habitat assessment techniques. This is supported by his knowledge of countryside management, horticulture/landscape, green infrastructure and BREEAM/Code. He works hard to ensure that spaces are designed and managed for wildlife in a sustainable way. He is a consultant for TEC’s partnership company, The Green Infrastructure Consultancy and has been part of BRE’s Ecology Task Group for over 7 years. 

Matt Pendry BSc GradCIEEM – Ecologist, The Ecology Consultancy

Matt is an Ecologist who has been working at TEC for over two years and has delivered BREEAM assessments for a large number of projects around London and the Home Counties. His insights into approaching BREEAM assessments as a beginner and his development to being able to deliver high quality assessments that work for wildlife and landscape designers will prove useful for other newcomers to BREEAM. Matt has a particular interest in botany and enjoys working with landscape architects to ensure planting schemes are of value to wildlife and that green infrastructure is designed-in wherever possible.

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