We review the GP Wind Good Practice Guide

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Our Principal Ecologist, Rachel Saunders, has reviewed the GP Wind Good Practice Guide and Toolkit siteĀ http://www.project-gpwind.eu/. Whilst she found it fairly general in its recommendations, with a lack of direct guidance on, for example, survey effort for various species groups, or procedures and processes involved in the assessment of impacts, she also found a wealth of useful information via the Toolkit.

There are various links included in each of its subsections. These, and the online library section of the Toolkit, do include some useful information for ecologists and the industry, such as case studies and scientific papers, and guidance from Scottish Natural Heritage and other bodies. There is information on offsetting, compensation, mitigation and assessment of cumulative impacts. The site therefore represents a potentially useful resource for ecologists involved in wind farm work.

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