The end of the survey season is keeping our GIS team busy

Friday, November 7th, 2014

It’s coming up to the end of the main survey season, and our GIS team have been busy turning data into useful information. GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is a great tool for improving ecological management by facilitating data visualisation and analysis. Ideally, in order to store, manage and query ecological data efficiently in GIS, ecologists need to streamline their survey results. A basic knowledge of GIS and project specific standards can be really useful to ecologists in planning their surveys.

The GIS consultants at The Ecology Consultancy produce maps that help to improve our clients’ understanding of ecology and the relationships between ecological features. Our ecologists are well-versed in the use of GIS tools and apply this knowledge in ecological surveys to ensure they provide accurate and useful data for mapping and analysis.

Any ecologist that regularly works with GIS consultants, in analysing and reporting ecological findings, needs at least a basic understanding of GIS and mapping methodologies. Our GIS team think it’s so important that they are running a GIS mapping course for ecologists, as part of The Ecology Consultancy Professional Ecology Series. They will introduce course participants to GIS and share their extensive knowledge on how to produce maps that comprehensively summarise, and effectively communicate, ecological survey results.

Corrado Cacciarru, our GIS manager and course leader, says: “GIS helps ecologists working in the field to analyse their findings in a very productive way. By using software such as ArcGIS, ecologists can collect and analyse data, and the information can be stored for future use. The survey results are then presented as colourful maps to be included in their ecological survey reports”.

If you are interested in developing your GIS knowledge, the next Mapping for Ecologists course will run in London on 20th November. Click here to find out more about the course and to register.

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