The Athenaeum

Norfolk office support Suffolk Mammal Conference

Friday, November 21st, 2014

The Ecology Consultancy’s Norwich staff travelled en masse to the Suffolk Mammal Conference on Saturday at the Athenaeum in the medieval town of Bury St Edmunds.  The Ecology Consultancy was delighted to be invited to support the event by attending and manning a corporate stall to talk about the protected species surveys we carry out in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex.  Speakers on the day included the renowned Dr Pat Morris, Britain’s foremost authority on hedgehogs; Darren Tansley, UK Watervole Steering Group; Dr Simone Bullion, Suffolk Wildlife Trust and National Dormouse Monitoring Programme coordinator; and Professor Rob Fuller from the British Trust for Ornithology speaking about implications of high deer numbers in woodland environments.  Other speaker topics included: whales and dolphins off the East Anglia coast, the natural expansion of polecats to East Anglia, red squirrel conservation and an insight into the latest techniques and research for monitoring badger movement underground. The conference was extremely informative and gave an insight into some of the interesting research being carried out in East Anglia.  Thank you to Suffolk Wildlife Trust and Suffolk Mammal Group for their invitation to attend.

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