Senior ecologist Danny inspects phragmites at a River and Wetland Management Conference

Salix River and Wetland Conference, Norfolk

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

Senior Ecologist Danny Thomas from our Norfolk office recently attended a local conference in Thetford on River and Wetland Management, hosted by Salix River and Wetland Services, specialists in bio-engineering solutions and products.  The Ecology Consultancy has a wealth of experience in habitat creation and restoration projects and this was an opportunity to meet other practitioners and experts in the ecology community.

The conference speakers ranged from The Wildfowl and Wetland Trust, London Wildlife Trust and representatives from SEACAMS at Swansea University, amongst others, who were all offering insights into wetland and river restoration techniques. Their presentations featured case studies of both large and small scale projects across East Anglia and the wider UK.

David Mooney from London Wildlife Trust spoke about the Trust’s exciting work at Woodberry Wetlands Urban Nature Reserve where they have created eight hectares of new reed bed interspersed within channels and lagoons within an existing Thames Water reservoir.  Emily Long from Norfolk Rivers Trust discussed the work of the Nine Chalk Rivers Project restoring Chalk Streams in Norfolk. The conference concluded with a visit to Salix’s wetland plant nursery where they grow products for wetland projects including plug plants, coir rolls and coir mats implanted with wetland plants ready for instant establishment of bankside habitats.

Salix WetlandAt The Ecology Consultancy we’re continually expanding our knowledge base in order to provide our clients with industry leading expertise on habitat creation and restoration projects. An example of a  habitat creation and management project we have worked on can be found here.

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