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Protecting our Natural Heritage

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

‘Protect and prosper’ was the title of an informative article written by three Ecology Consultancy ecologists for the Landscape Institute Journal.

In the summer edition of Landscape, Dr. Yarwood-Lovett, Rosie Whicheloe and Nadine Clark, explain the benefits of identifying ecological constraints during the design stage of a project. They propose that this can, whenever possible, reduce impacts on ecology, potentially avoiding the more costly alternative of mitigation or compensation.

The authors stress the importance of surveys for our protected species. These can ensure projects are not unnecessarily delayed (please see our calendar for survey timings); they also provide a useful checklist of the types of habitats and features that may be present in the wider landscape that can indicate potential ecological issues for a site.

Emphasis was also given to other tangible benefits arising from safeguarding existing ecology, such as greater visual amenity and stakeholder buy in.

We are grateful to the landscape Institute to have been given this opportunity. View article.

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