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Working with Wildlife Mobile App for the construction industry

The Ecology Consultancy and CIRIA have adapted the Working With Wildlife guidance into mobile app form, allowing access to on-the-go practical advice on how to recognise and manage the protected species you are likely to come across on development sites.

Get your hands on the key tips to managing wildlife on your site

Based on the ‘Working With Wildlife: Guidance for the construction industry’ written by leading experts from the Ecology Consultancy and originally published by CIRIA in 2011, the two organisations have worked together to gather the key guidance information and deliver it straight into the hands of your on-site employees in a compact, user-friendly mobile application.

This invaluable tool helps you meet legislation requirements and understand the issues around wildlife conservation that your projects may come up against.WWW app identifying species

What does the app offer?

By downloading the free Working With Wildlife app you will have direct, on site access to practical advice on how to manage the eight protected species that you are most likely to come across on your site – badger, bats, breeding birds, dormouse, great crested newt, otters, reptiles and water vole.
You will increase your understanding of:

  • How to recognise each species and their habitats
  • How to detect signs of their presence on site
  • Why and how they are protected
  • Which surveys may need to be carried out and when
  • What actions need to be taken on site

You can get to grips with the fundamentals of ecology and gain an overview of the legislation surrounding protected species. The app also offers a glossary of key ecological terms, as well as references and further reading to enrich your learning.

How to download the app?

The app is now available for free download on Apple devices on the App Store and on Android from the Google Play store. Search for “Working With Wildlife” or click the buttons below:

Download on the app store

Download on Google Play

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