2020 Protected Species Survey Calendar

Protected Species Survey Calendar & Mitigation Calendar 2020

Our Protected Species Survey Calendar and Mitigation Calendar guide is a project management tool created to make planning for your development easier this year, helping you avoid costly delays to your schedule.

The new updated version for 2020 is the most comprehensive ecology calendar and mitigation guide available and has been designed to help you plan complex and timely survey and mitigation schedules. It includes detailed information about each key species so you can make sure your works are carried out at the best time of the year.

This year’s calendar will provide you with:

  • Need-to-know ecology info for the year to prevent you from missing costly deadlines
  • An overview of the UK protected species activity periods so that you can be prepared
  • Information on ecology surveys and mitigation in one place
  • Optimalsub-optimal, and not possible timings for species & habitat surveys and mitigation

2020 Protected Species and Mitigation Calendar


2020 Protected Species Survey CalendarDowload survey and mitigation calendar for 2019

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