Building Greener

Building Greener

John Newton was part of the project team that developed the CIRIA guidance note, Building Greener, in 2009. This easy-to-use resource looks at the planning, design, construction and maintenance issues surrounding the incorporation of green roofs and walls, and associated features into buildings. It considers both new and existing buildings, provides a comprehensive assessment of published information on the subject, and helps to dispel the myths that prevent clients and designers taking up the technology.

Building Greener includes information on:


  • The framework and drivers provided by planning guidance, Building Regulations etc.
  • The benefits and challenges, design choices and construction and maintenance issues in relation to each of the features
  • Case studies – highlighting good practice and lessons learnt
  • Key points summarising each chapter for quick reference
  • References for further information

To order your copy, or to find out more, please visit the CIRIA website

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