Expert-led invertebrate ecology course was a great success

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

A group of enthusiastic ecologists joined our invertebrates specialist Dr Graham Hopkins, for an information-packed day at our Sussex office.

Green bush cricketGraham, who is normally based at our East Anglia office, set out how to fully assess habitats and development sites for their potential to support invertebrates, terrestrial and aquatic. Graham covered survey methods, how to design mitigation, and discussed case-law to sum up the legal situation. In addition he took the group through the Invertebrate Species-Habitat Information System.


On their local field visit close to the River Ouse, the group compared the relative value to invertebrate biodiversity of arable land, a lovely veteran oak tree and a burbling stream.

Sussex DownsFind out more about our excellent courses for ecologists.

The next one is Assessing Sites for Hazel Dormouse, on 28 August.

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