2020 Protected Species Survey & Mitigation Calendar

[Tools & Guides] Ecology Survey and Mitigation Calendar 2020

Wednesday, January 8th, 2020

It’s here! The 2020 Protected Species Survey and Mitigation Calendar is now available for download. The new edition has been updated to include all recent changes to legislation surrounding the management of wildlife on site. The calendar includes timings for both ecology surveys and mitigation programmes to help you plan your project, in a way that works for you and for wildlife.

Plan your ecology works for the coming months

The 2020 Protected Species Survey and Mitigation Calendar includes detailed information about specific wildlife species that will help you to plan ecology survey and mitigation programmes into your project.

With this comprehensive overview of the main UK protected species activity periods, you can make sure your works are carried out at the best time of the year, helping you avoid potentially costly delays and ensure your project is kept on track.

2020 Protected Species Survey Calendar

Download our free comprehensive calendar

This year’s calendar will provide you with:

  • Need-to-know ecology info for the year to prevent you from missing costly deadlines
  • An overview of the UK protected species activity periods so that you can be prepared
  • Information on ecology surveys and mitigation in one place
  • Optimalsub-optimal, and not possible timings for species & habitat surveys and mitigation

Dowload survey and mitigation calendar for 2019

Get in touch for survey and mitigation advice

Many protected species are only active at certain times of year and surveys timings can be restrictive, so it is always advisable to plan your surveys in advance and appoint an ecologist during the early stages of a project.

If there is a need for mitigation, either as part of a European Protected Species Mitigation (EPSM) licence or a Precautionary Method of Working, we have highly experienced ecologists on hand to advise and support at all stages. This includes preparing licence applications to Natural England and overseeing and implementing all mitigation works.

We have offices throughout the country – London, Sussex, Norfolk, the Midlands, the North, and Devon – offering local advice on the planning and timing of surveys and mitigation. Get in touch if you would like our help.
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