Water Vole Surveys Protection Vole in River

Water Vole Survey, Bidston Moss Viaduct, M53

Client: Costain

Objective: To report on the likely impact of works on water voles and recommendation mitigation measures

As part of the Bidston Moss Viaduct strengthening works along the M53, The Ecology Consultancy carried out water vole surveys at two locations.

These surveys were carried out according to best practice guidelines and revealed the presence of water voles at both sites. We prepared a report on the likely impact the works would have on water voles and how to mitigate against any harm to the animals. The report formed part of an application to the Environment Agency and helped Costain gain consent to proceed with the works.

The Ecology Consultancy will continue to advise and oversee the mitigation measures recommended at the sites over the next month.

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