Park Place, Berkshire

Habitat restoration at Park Place, Berkshire

Client: Spink

Objective: Restoration of landscape & habitats

Spink Property had purchased Park Place, a listed estate comprising a mansion together with some 500 acres of land and other buildings. Their plan was to manage the estate essentially in response to its wildlife interest.

Overall, Park Place comprises some 200 acres of parkland, woodland, valley and river frontage, much of which had fallen into neglect.

Following extended vegetation surveys, the Ecology Consultancy provided woodland, tree and grassland management plans, and advice on the placement and composition of hedgerows and the enhancement of the open landscape for wildlife. We also provided a schedule of likely mitigation / enhancement ideas for consideration, including the management of invasive species, such as Holm oak and cherry laurel, the conservation and care of mature individual trees, and coppicing of some woodland species.

Recommendations for habitat enhancement for reptiles, newts and bats, were incorporated.

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