Crystal Palace Park

Protected species surveys at Crystal Palace Park

Client: Latz+Partners/Meadowcroft Griffin for the London Development Agency

Objective: Environmental impact assessment for bats

The Ecology Consultancy was part of the Design Team for the redevelopment of Crystal Palace Park, south London, working alongside landscape architects Latz+Partners and architects Meadowcroft Griffin.

As well as inputting into the design, Ecology Consultancy carried out detailed vegetation surveys of the Park along with extended surveys for reptiles, birds, invertebrates and bats in order to carry out an environmental impact assessment of the proposals.

Over eight species of bat were recorded, with activity highest in wooded and open water areas of the site. We estimated the potential impacts of live concerts on resident wildlife – bats in particular – and made detailed proposals for the planned new lighting of the park, advocating amongst other things that dark areas be retained and glare minimised. We recommended the enhancement of old woodland areas by further native planting, and by creating habitat connections to other areas of woodland.

The Ecology Consultancy’s input ensured a radical approach to the Park’s design that will result in an increase in wildlife habitat, including green roofs and walls on buildings, and the incorporation of bat and bird boxes within buildings and structures.

The proposals for Crystal Palace Park, including our recommendations, received planning permission and we look forward to the implementation of this exciting project.

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