Bird surveys for windfarm development in Norfolk

Client: Mosscliff Environmental

Objective: To ensure development close to sensitive wetlands is carried out sustainably

Our East Anglia team undertook specialist bird surveys ahead of the construction of a small-scale wind development near Terrington St Clement, on the Norfolk coast.


The proposal was for the installation of three 50kWH micro-turbines to provide cheap renewable energy generation for an arable farm.

The task

The site is located in proximity to sensitive ecological receptors including The Wash Special Protected Area (SPA) and Ramsar site, and very close to a significant colony of little egrets, a rare breeding species in the UK (Annex I). This work necessitated close liaison with Natural England and the British Trust for Ornithology.

The outcome

Our ecologists carried out a number of habitat and protected species surveys to inform a detailed Ecological Impact Assessment submitted in support of the planning application. In addition, vantage point surveys were carried out and complex Collision Risk Modelling analysis was undertaken to provide a detailed assessment of the potential effect on birds, in particular those associated with designation of The Wash SPA and Ramsar site and the egrets.

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