Arboricultural Survey DP World Gateway port

Arboricultural Survey at London Gateway Port, DP World

Client: DP World

Objective: Preliminary arboricultural survey and recommendations ahead of pipeline upgrade

DP World commissioned The Ecology Consultancy to carry out a preliminary arboricultural survey of trees within the area of farm-land adjacent to the main port access road for London Gateway Port.

We provided a report to inform the planning application for a utility infrastructure engineering project to upgrade the existing pipeline to a high-pressure gas pipeline.

The task

A ground level preliminary arboricultural survey of trees with the potential to be affected by future works was undertaken. The proposed works involve installation of an upgraded section of high pressure gas pipeline underneath the DP World London Gateway site access road to replace an existing section, tie-in of the replacement section to the existing pipeline to the east and west of the access road to provide a diversion to the existing pipeline route, two temporary haul roads to allow construction traffic into the site, the erection of a secure site compound and the creation of a construction workers’ car park and storage areas.

The survey was required to assess the condition of trees that could be affected by future works and to provide sufficient information for the development of site layouts and construction exclusion zones to enable the protection of existing trees, above and below ground.

The solution – arboricultural survey

Our survey looked at fifteen individual trees and two groups of trees comprising pedunculate oak, willow, apple, hawthorn, and Lawson cypress that could potentially be affected by the proposed development. A tree constraints check was submitted to the Local Planning Authority who confirmed that the surveyed trees were not the subject of a Tree Preservation Order or subject to Conservation Area regulations.

A qualitative assessment of each tree was carried out according to British Standard BS 5837:2012, Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction – Recommendations, focusing on arboricultural and landscape values.

The outcome

We were able to provide an arboricultural survey and report to inform the client prior to the submission of a planning application to the local planning authority. We assessed individual tree conditions and retention values and set out measures regarding the protection and management of the trees at the site. In March 2016 planning permission for the upgrade works was granted.

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