Campsite Lee Valley

Aerial bat survey, Lee Valley

Client: Lee Valley Regional Park Authority

Objective: To conduct ground level tree surveys to assess for roosting bats

The Ecology Consultancy was commissioned by the Lee Valley Regional Parks Authority to carry out a ground-level survey of trees at the Dobbs Weir Campsite, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, in order to assess their potential to support roosting bats.

The assessment indicated that six trees within the campsite required more detailed survey and The Ecology Consultancy was commissioned to undertake an aerial tree inspection. The trees had been identified as having low, moderate or high potential to support roosting bats during the ground-level tree surveys and subsequent bat activity surveys.

A site walkover was conducted in the autumn during which a further four trees were identified for remedial tree works. Our ecologists were asked to inspect these additional trees and assess the likelihood that they support roosting bats: we have members of staff qualified to conduct aerial tree inspection.

The aerial tree inspections were carried out on the ten trees surveyed. Whilst the presence of bats was not confirmed, we found some trees with high potential for supporting bat roosts and recommended that these trees should be surveyed in more detail if there should be a threat to their integrity, with careful supervision of any remedial works by our bat specialists.

These surveys were carried out in accordance with survey guidance (Bat Conservation Trust, 2007, Bat Survey: Good Practice Guidelines) and planning policy (PPS9) which were current at the time of the survey by our expert bat ecologists including Natural England Bat Licence holders. Consequently, bat mitigation recommendations were made, including sympathetic lighting for the Campsite and overall biodiversity enhancements.

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