Bat Training for Professionals

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Hot on the heels of The Ideal Bat Show earlier this month, our in-house bat training today was led by Dr. Sarah Yarwood Lovett, our Licensed bat ecologist.

The Ecology Consultancy permanent staff, field assistants and temporary consultants, took part in a six-part workshop covering bat identification and roost identification. The group visited Brunswick Park in South London to look at likely roosting places for bats and they analysed bat poo from several species.  The group was tested on sonogram analysis and critically looked at reporting for planning and licence applications.

Rescued bats played a star role and behaved very well, despite the warm training room and warm hands examining them. A soprano and a common pipistrelle were compared, and a serotine bat and a brown long-eared bat (picture) were studied by the team.

The day finished with an exacting exam and they all passed with flying colours!

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